Our Management and Board of Directors – they are quite awesome

Our ownership

A strong (and awesome) foundation

Since 2014, our majority owner has been HEARTLAND – the holding company representing the interests of the Holch Povlsen family.

We are extremely proud to be part of the HEARTLAND family and portfolio together with great companies such as Zalando, Normal, Nemlig, and Klarna.

Besides HEARTLAND, our founder and chairman Johannes Gadsbøll and Ib Nørholm are shareholders in Whiteaway Group.


Whiteaway Group is led by our CEO, Jonas Hald Johansen and the executive management team.

Actually quite awesome people, if we do say so ourselves.

Jonas Hald Johansen


Anne Lange

Chief People, Planet and Strategy Officer

Iben Stenholm

Director of Marketing

Jacob Balshøj

Chief B2C Sales & Marketing Officer

Jakob Nørgaard

Chief Commercial Officer

Kim Trier Meyer

Chief Retail Officer

Morten Hammelsvang

Chief Business Sales Officer

Niels Katholm

Director of Logistics and Customer Care

Thomas Rosendahl

Chief Product and Technology Officer
We thrive on success – but the journey is just as important to us.
Jonas Hald Johansen, CEO

Board of directors

Our board of directors consists of highly skilled representatives from our owners as well as industry experts.

Pål Wibe

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Johannes Gadsbøll


Ib Nørholm

Founder of Japan Photo and private investor

Jon Kristensen

Business Architect

Lars Fløe Nielsen

Co-founder of Sitecore

Jeppe Bredahl

Head of Investments and M&A in Heartland
Our origin story

Curious how it all got started?