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Who we are

At Whiteaway Group we grow. We were founded in 2004 in the backroom of a kitchen store. Today, 18 years later, you will find close to 300 employees working from offices in Aarhus and Stockholm. We are the leading supplier of white goods in Scandinavia – how did we get there? It’s quite simple, our people.

We are passionate merchants who believe in always challenging our status quo. Our foundation is built on innovation, business acumen, and a permanent focus on delivering excellent customer experiences. We strive to create a place where our people can succeed and grow. And we are looking for others to join our team.

Perhaps you?

What we offer

Most importantly, we offer opportunities. Opportunities to grow and develop yourself. To meet people, you’ll want to stay in touch with for years. To build the work-life balance that best suits you. To stay healthy and fit. And much more.

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Our hiring process

Though it can vary slightly, it usually looks like this


You research, write and send us your CV and application. Let us know who you are and what you can do.

1. Interview

Expect: A mutual introduction, a walkthrough of the company + an alignment of expectations.


We may ask you to complete one or two short tests. You will receive feedback on these at a 2nd interview.

2. Interview

We meet again. Expect: Test feedback, a more in depth talk about the role and the possible fit.

Our handbook

Want to know more about who we are, what our values are, where we work, and… Well more? Download our handbook and get to know Whiteaway Group a bit better.

Start your next adventure at Whiteaway Group

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