We are Whiteaway Group – and we are pretty excited about home appliances

In brief

Merchants of home appliances

We sell white goods and premium products for the home to customers via 12 online shops and 87 stores – and we do so in all of Scandinavia. With our three largest brands being Skousen, Whiteaway, and Tretti we are proud to be the preferred appliances partner in all of Scandinavia.

We have offices in Aarhus, Denmark and in Stockholm, Sweden – here, you’ll find more than 300 dedicated employees. All with a desire to create an impact. For our customers, our planet, and ourselves.


Our playgrounds

Since the beginning in 2003, we have been digital at heart – and we still are. But today, we are also much, much more than that.

Retail stores, webshops and wholesale activities are all part of Whiteaway Group of 2023 – and our home turf has expanded to include Norway and Sweden.

In the market for home appliances? Then you’ve most likely come across our main brands Skousen, Tretti, and Whiteaway.

Our history

The origin story of Whiteaway Group

We started in 2003 in the backroom of a kitchen store – the idea was to disrupt the market and go digital. In 2011, with a successful digital adventure in our backpack, we acquired the renowned brand Skousen and with it came 50+ stores across Denmark. In 2014, we acquired the Swedish brand, Tretti and gained 65 new (fantastic) colleagues.

It’s been an awesome journey so far – and we’re only getting started.

Our strategy

Our strategy towards 2026

Since the beginning more than twenty years ago, we have evolved into the preferred home appliances partner across Scandinavia. Through a strong financial foundation and an unwavering focus on our customers’ satisfaction, we are now setting out on a quest.

Our quest towards 2026 is to bring comfort and joy to all Nordic homes by guiding towards the right home appliance choices.

Our People, our Partners, and our Planet is our trusted companions on our quest and together we will succeed – we call them our fundamentals.

The financials

The numbers and figures


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Annual reports

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